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Kimura Recordings is a rock/metal focused recording studio located in the Westport district of Kansas City, MO.  The studio is operated by multi instrumentalist, songwriter, recording, mixing  and mastering engineer Gabe Fry.  From playing guitar in Tribunal Record's, "From The Shallows", to spearheading technical death metalcore outfit "Solace and Stable" Gabe knows the struggles of the working band.  Kimura Recordings is dedicated to helping bands release commercial quality records whether it's their first or 10th release.  

Kimura Recordings strives to create a low pressure environment where bands can be at their best mentally to forge the record of their dreams.  Quality and flexible tools are at the disposal of the band or artist to maximize the potential of their recordings.  Communication is key at Kimura Recordings as well which is why we gameplan your production sonically and character wise to bring your vision to life.  It's about you here at Kimura Recordings.  It's about seeing the record you slaved over to create to its greatest and fullest fruition.  This is the Kimura way.  

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Our Services



The foundation of every record is the recording process.  We make sure to build strong foundations here at Kimura Recordings.  Drums are either tracked on a 6 piece Roland TD-20 triggering the latest and greatest drum libraries on the market, or the traditional route of an acoustic kit.  The e-kit consists of kick, snare, 4 tom's, 6 cymbals, (including ride and hi-hat) and trick big foot double bass pedal is provided if interested.  This gives us the ultimate flexibility in drum tones.  It's a most forgiving tracking experience where virtually any drum performance can be salvaged, shells are consistently in tune, setup/tracking is speedy, and consistent tones regardless of intervals between sessions.  With this setup bands traveling from outside cities do not have to fear their drum tones changing if they choose to track drums in increments.  Guitars have a similar flexibility in tones thanks to the Kemper profiling amp in house.  With over 4,000 profiles at our disposal we can build off the success of the drum tones with complimentary guitar sounds that serve the songs they accompany.  Mesa's, Diezel's, Marshall's, Soldano's, and a who's who of cabs to mix and match with, the perfect guitar tones are flick of the knob away.  Editing and vocal tuning are always included with every song recorded at Kimura Recordings as well which will lessen the gap between your record and the modern masterpieces.  Every performance recorded at Kimura Recordings will be coached to your best performance additionally.  These are the ingredients for a quality foundation and set us up for the next phase of a record.  


The mixing phase will start with me requesting 2-3 records that the band or artist feels inherits the sonic qualities they desire their record to.  Where words fail referencing sound can get the band and engineer on the same page for the sonic identity of the record.  Gabe utilizes what is known as a top down approach to mixing.  What this essentially means is that he mixes with the master in mind.  Processing in the mastering stage is known to modify balances and levels between the instruments which if not compensated for can lead to issues, and untrue expectations for the client.  Having this said, mastering is included with every mix at Kimura Recordings to help ensure the bands mix translates well in the mastering stage.  


Kemper re-amps

Kemper re-amps are available for bands, artists, and fellow engineers interested in processing their guitar and bass DI's through the Kimura Kemper.  It is highly recommended to include a mixed drum track to ensure that the guitar tones will compliment said drum sounds in the mix.  

Drum mixing/composition

Kimura Recordings is happy to offer midi, acoustic, and hybrid drum mixing services to bands, engineers, and artist looking to outsource this process.  Feel free to send us references and we will shape to taste.  Another service happily provided is midi drum composition and or enhancing.  If composing complimentary drum parts is beyond your expertise and or you would like to enhance basic pre-production this is a service happily provided at Kimura Recordings.  



Are you a solo musician with a burning desire to release music but don't have a band to help contribute to the songwriting?  Or maybe you are a guitar player that writes your own songs in tab notation software and would love for those songs to come to life.  We can supplement any arrangement or even build one from the ground up for you, record it, mix it, and master it as well.  


Editing and pitch correction services are available for your project.  Everything from "solid but human" to "transformers robots in disguise".  

Studio rental

Studio rental is a solid solution for bands wanting wanting to do their own pre-production, or fellow engineer's needing an alternate space or tools. 




Satisfied Customers


Absolutely outstanding engineer and a pleasure to be around, my band felt at home in the studio and received great advice and quality recordings for a great price! thanks gabe!

-Orion Falls


I've known Gabe for over ten years, and he always puts everything he has into what he does. As someone who has watched him record other bands and been a part of his projects, he has a great ear/eye for detail and knows how to get stuff done. Definitely puts out a phenomenal mix, tones are always great... I could go on and on.

- David Marshall

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I have never left the studio without full confidence and trust in him, and his work. He truly has an understanding of what the artist envisions and makes it happen! For his price, expertise, efficiency, and diligence, I don't have any desire to go elsewhere.

-Skyler Nohrenberg


Gabe always meets you where you are at and is a great studio mentor. I have recorded three times at Kimura, all in death metal projects. His keen ear and expertise really compliments in the process of capturing one of the most challenging genres of music around.

-Jordan Hickman


We had a hell of a time getting a project together and needed some help getting our recordings mixed the way we heard them needing to be mixed. Gabe communicated with us well, listened to our feedback, and worked with us to ensure we were happy with the results. Not only that, but the turn around was fast and sounded great.

-Phillip Mitchum



nicest dude in the business and incredibly talented. We consider Gabe to be the unofficial 5th member of Polterguts and a good friend we trust.

-Martin Ruppert